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Welcome to DNSalePrice.com, the source for domain sales history and comparable sales. Our database is the largest and most accurate repository of domain sales to be found anywhere. It includes all published domain sales from 2003 through present. Last updated Nov 12, 2013 @05:06:00 PM.

Comparable sales (comp's) are a widely accepted technique where relative worth of a domain is determined based on the recent sale price of comparable domains. For accurate assessment, search for 10-12 comparable domains (4-5 minimum) that will bracket your domain in relative value. The sale price of the bracketing domains then define your domain's value. To search for comp's:

  1. Enter domain keyword(s) and click 'Go'. For single word domains, try blank keywords with words set to 1.
  2. View results for comparable domain names. Click on column headings to sort.
  3. Up to 100 results are returned.  Click page numbers to view all results.
  4. Refine your search with additional parameters as required.

Valuation factors to consider when researching comparable sales include:

  • TLD (top level domain)
  • Length
  • Words (number of)
  • Numbers
  • Hyphens
  • Misspelling
  • Commercial potential
  • Brandability
  • Memorable and pronounceable
  • Ease and ambiguity of spelling
  • Search engine potential (page rank)
Hidden (i.e. requires additional info):
  • Site content
  • Current traffic
  • Source of traffic
  • Current Revenue
  • PPC rates

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This information is provided at no cost to buyers and sellers for the express purpose of improving the domain market. DNSalePrice.com intends to provide an accurate, broad based and unbiased source for comparable domain sales. We are looking for current and verifiable feeds of sales, and accurate historical data. If you can provide, or know of a source, please contact us. All sales and information sources are fully credited.

DNSalePrice.com wants to explicitly acknowledge DNJournal.com and Afternic.com for their roles in providing greater transparency to the domain name market.

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